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I am Kristine Ellers, a six-year Army Veteran. During a deployment in Afghanistan, as a combat medic, I developed symptoms of PTSD.

Upon my redeployment home I was hit from behind in a roll over accident on the Interstate. Following the accident, I experienced severe anxiety about driving on the Interstate.

In addition to heightened anxiety my PTSD manifested as depression, mood swings, and frequent emotional outbursts which felt uncontrollable. I was receiving counseling and medication from he VA but felt little relief. I had come to a place of feeling hopeless, unfocused and suicidal.
In October 2015 I met Barbara Fisher. She invited; me to participate in a cutting edge neurofeedback treatment working in partnership with Brian Science International. My brainwaves were mapped, analyzed, and my individual neurofeedback treatment protocols were developed. Within my first mouth of treatment my fear and anxiety of driving on the Interstate amazingly disappeared giving me a new found freedom. Now after several month of treatment, I am no longer experiencing the deep depression or suicidal thoughts. I now have a more positive outlook on my life and Iím feeing hopeful about my future. I feel like my heart, mind, and spirit are working together.  Thank you! ~ Kristine Ellers

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Barbara Swicegood Fisher  LPC

Psychotherapist, author, international presenter, metaphysician, teacher

Phone- 404-271-5350                  

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