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We are all seeking enlightenment.  When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. 

Barbara Fisher is the teacher.  She does not just talk the talk, or walk the walk. She lives her spiritual calling.  She is the real deal. You can stop your search.

Barbara will guide you in healing and transforming your life.  Her insight has the power to assist you in liberating you from your blockages.  Many of which you probably did not realize were being caused by you, and yet those were creating the greatest problems.   

I have known Barbara on many different levels, but it was only after I suffered a life threatening medical mistake, that she came into my life as a spiritual advisor and guided me to look deep into myself for the strength I needed.

Thus, I began an exciting, liberating journey that has led to much growth and discovery, as through her revelations from my life magically appeared and their meaning crystallized.

I highly recommend Barbara to anyone who has been looking for their own answers, but has not found them.  Barbaraís seminars will give you that opportunity. ~ Mary Ellen Cates

Contact Barbara

Barbara Swicegood Fisher  LPC

Psychotherapist, author, international presenter, metaphysician, teacher

Phone- 404-271-5350                  

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