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I wanted to let you know what an impact you had on my life when I was at a very dark moment in my adolescent life.

You were so kind, made me feel like not a problem child. You loved me and I felt that.  You would listen to what I had to say. You were the only one who would listen to me.

I looked forward to your visit every two weeks. It was great. It was a breath of fresh air to have somebody around, who didn't label you "bad" or "crazy" 

I could not go another day without reaching out. I didnít know if you knew what a big impact you had in my life at the time. I hope all is well with you and THANK YOU! ~ K. Gentile

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Barbara Swicegood Fisher  LPC

Psychotherapist, author, international presenter, metaphysician, teacher

Phone- 404-271-5350                  

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